Whether you’re an Advisory Board or Statutory Board, an independent Board review allows tabling of facts generated from a range of stakeholders to determine key pressure points and impediments to Board and organisational effectiveness and strengths on which to capitalise and continue to drive strong performance.

It is with those facts and guidance from an independent Board Consultant we can navigate difficult issues and instigate both positive or challenging conversations in an effective way.

Because we believe Board Review should be tailored to meet the needs of individual Boards our proposals outline a service menu an example of a simple Board Review may look as follows:

Sample Board Performance Review Process:

Survey – Focussed on key areas of interest this is tailored to suit the Board. This can be opened up to many stakeholders – Boards are like a fishbowl so we need to look out and in. I like to include Board, Co-Sec, CFO, COO, CEO. Why? Here’s an example – A Executive Team may have a view that the Board is ineffective in flushing out and managing behavioural, business or strategic issues/blockers.

Behaviours – A Clarity 4D (C4D) survey is conducted to understand the predominant behavioural style of the Board and Exec. This helps us determine what might be missing behaviourally or contributing to any issues arising from the review. It also gives us an idea of how to frame any feedback conversations arising from the review.

Interviews – These help level set and gain further intel on anything coming through the survey. The value in including is perhaps a small group of Board survey participants people have been “hot” on an issue that is worth carefully and confidentially exploring with all Board members.

Report – This gives you the basis on which to start the conversation you need to have with your Board.

Workshops or Coaching – We work together to embed the desired change.

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