Hello Consulting Group works with

Karen Barr, BA (Psych)/BCOM (Accounting), CA, CoachUCEG

Karen has been working in the Learning Design, facilitation and coaching space for over 20 years. Her corporate career at PwC enabled her to develop a commercial lens to developing people and cultures, and as Head of innovation she was able to drive a culture of agile and adaptive thinking, with a focus on curiosity. Karen is our learning design expert, building customised programs to meet our client’s needs. She is our lead facilitator and thrives on delivering engaging and impactful workshops with an action learning approach. In addition to her professional endeavours, Karen leads the girls AFL program at the largest junior football club in Australia and is a volunteer coach for a number of her children’s basketball teams.

Natalie Barnes, Business Manager

Natalie combines exceptional project management organisational skills with communications and design experience to make our business run smoothly. Natalie’s corporate career includes her working as EA at General Manager and Board level and acting as communications partner of the office of the CEO’s managing corporate programs including staff news, national staff events and staff programs and leadership workshops. Natalie’s focus is to help support the Hello Consulting team to focus on exceptional client delivery, knowing that behind the scenes the business and program mechanics are running effectively.


Clarity4D has a suite of profiles to help everyone to:

  • Understand more about self – both strengths and weaknesses
  • Set goals through self-coaching
  • Build confidence
  • Understand more about others who may have different preferences
  • Adapt our communication style for improved relationships
  • Form the basis of authentic leadership behaviour
  • Provide a frame-work for a personal development plan
  • Create a language of “colour”.

The outcomes we can achieve in 1:1 coaching or workshops include

  • Raise self-awareness and the impact we have on others
  • Recognise and value the differences in others
  • Have a framework, a common language, on which to base future interactions
  • Motivate and encourage the team during challenging times
  • Identify preferred ways of communicating together, and sharing the preferences
  • Create action plans for effective future teamwork

Human Synergistics

Life Styles Inventory (LSI), Organisational Cultural Inventory (OCI), Leadership Impact (LI)

Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS)

The GLWS is a uniquely holistic, evidence-based set of online, virtual and in person solutions developed exclusively for leaders and their teams, delivering deep insights and actionable steps to shape and sustain success.

Our focus is on helping leaders to achieve four outcomes:

  • Learn: Understand their wellbeing and mental health accountabilities in deeper and more practical ways, with a language and toolkit to apply.
  • Live: Prioritise and role model high levels of self-care.
  • Lead: Promote and enable effective wellbeing, energy and productivity practices for the people they lead.
  • Embed: Provide cost effective quality resources and processes for rollout across entire organisations as champions of sustainable high performance and thriving culture.
Accredited Multipliers Coach

Accredited Multipliers Coach

Becoming a Multiplier matters.
We’ve all had experience with two dramatically different types of leaders.
The first type, Diminishers, drain intelligence, energy, and capability from the people around them and always need to be the smartest person in the room.
The second type, Multipliers, are the leaders who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them.