I am the Executive Coach, Consultant and trusted advisor to many CEOs and Boards around Australia. I thrive on working with people and organisations willing to face into the fear and ambiguity of transformation and change.

I started my career in Professional Services and later left to rise through the corporate ranks of a global organisation working both in Australia and internationally. I grabbed every chance to work on large complex projects across a range of disciplines and regularly took on a new challenge and new skill set at the same time, people, finance, risk, you name it! I was ambitious, driven, and thought my career path was set in stone.

After careful contemplation and the juggle of life with kids I left the corporate world to rediscover my love of consulting and embarked on a new path.

Just because you’re driven,
doesn't mean you can’t stop,
rethink, and change direction.

With my broad and deep skillset, commercial and deeper personal insights, over the last 10 years I have built my successful consulting and coaching business to what it is today.

What distinguishes the thriving CEOs, Boards and businesses I work with, from the ones holding on by their teeth? It’s their willingness to stop for a moment to draw breath and create change in an inclusive and collaborative way. By working this way, we can build capability, capacity and culture and create opportunities we could never conceive while working alone.


Our focus is to help you build courage, capacity, capability and culture for innovative leadership and organisational change that truly makes a difference. Both for yourself and your business.

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We work with Boards to assess performance and create the right dynamic to unlock a Board’s collective power and potential to perform at the highest level.

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As an executive coach my agenda is dynamic transformation. If positive disruption, taking big risks and transforming yourself, your brand, career or your business gets you excited, lets work together.

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We know that the companies and organizations leading the way are the ones that value a distinct type of leadership, capability and potential ready to embark on a dynamic sustainable change.

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